We are committed to supporting people throughout their recovery journey in a compassionate way, focussing on long term solutions – even beyond treatment.

Our extensive range of recovery programmes helps clients to find not just substance recovery, but emotional, social, lifelong recovery.

Find out more about the programmes we offer below.

RAMP - Reduction and Motivation Programme
Ummah Ramp - Reduction and Motivation Programme
Family RAMP - Reduction and Motivation Programme

RAMP© provides a safe environment for those in active addiction to explore their problems, their impact on them and others, and the life changes they need to make.

Ummah RAMP© is a new programme designed to help overcome the barriers around addiction within minority communities, and to combat the associated stigma.

Family RAMP© helps relatives of clients in recovery lean more about the issues they are dealing with, how to effectively support their loved one, and to know they are not alone in the challenges they face.

DEAP - Dependency, Emotional, Attachment programme
STEP - 12 step recovery programme
STAR - Skills training for people in recovery

DEAP© is available to those who have achieved abstinence (even if this is just a day) and are motivated to maintain long-term recovery.

Our Step programme is based on a set of long established guiding principles which help individuals live their life in recovery.

STAR is a structured, post-treatment programme which helps people gain a range of skills, which can help them gain employment and regain their independence with confidence.

HEART - Healthy Eating and Responsible Thinking

HEART – The Healthy Eating and Rational Thinking programme covers important aspects of weight management by focusing on the underlying psychological factors.