bethWe deliver RAMP and a range of other behavioural therapies in prisons. We are also involved in wrap-around support for prisoners both before and after release. We currently deliver services in HMPs Buckley Hall, Forest Bank and Styal.

We are also involved in the wrap-around support for prisoners both before and after release, including the Gateways initiative, which provides support for offenders on release from prison, and also helps to secure housing, aiding long term recovery. We are also actively involved in helping prisoners to take part in 12 Step meetings while in custody.

We continue to train prisoners to help carry out the programmes while in custody, providing them with real transferable skills to use upon release, as well as a real sense of meaning and direction in life.

Our aim is to instill hope and a real belief that lifelong recovery, and a life free from addiction and crime, is available, as well as providing the knowledge, tools and self-awareness required to achieve this.

Gateways Programmes

We deliver a range of ‘Gateways’ initiatives, which support offenders upon release from prison, helping them reconnect with their families, develop their recovery, and find secure housing, an important part of long-term recover.