RAMPThe Reduction and Motivation Programme (RAMP©) provides a safe environment for those in active addiction to explore their addiction, its impact on them and others, and the life changes needed to gain recovery from substances.

It allows you to learn about addiction, ask questions, gain support from others going through the same experiences, and offers clear goals, focus and structure, helping you to make the first steps towards recovery.

RAMP consists of 24 group work sessions, overseen by our highly skilled staff with a wealth of experience in working with addiction. We deliver RAMP in a variety of locations.

Over 4-12 weeks, you will take part in sessions based around a range of subjects, from relapse prevention to overcoming negative thinking. You can enter and exit RAMP at any point.

The programme offers a safe environment that can provide you with clear goals, focus and structure, helping you make the first steps to a lifelong recovery.

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