ACORN’s Tier 4 facility Bank Parade is the first residential treatment centre in Burnley, East Lancashire.

The newly refurbished property boasts six single bedrooms, four bathrooms, two fully equipped kitchens, dining room, and communal areas including an outside patio and BBQ area.

The property is staffed 24 hours a day, providing a safe, secure and supportive environment to help clients address their issues in a confidential setting. With only six residents over the age of 18 in the property at any one time, they are able to benefit from one to one focussed and tailored treatment from qualified addiction counsellors.

The treatment provided at Bank Parade includes:

  • DEAP© – exploring addiction at a personal level, supporting people to deal with unresolved issues
  • 1-1 counselling
  • Trauma focus groups
  • Attachement Theory concepts explored in group therapy sessions
  • Psychodrama exercises
  • Aftercare group work
  • Family RAMP.

ACORN is committed to supporting people throughout their recovery journey in a compassionate way, focussing on long term solutions, providing a supportive community not just at the point of recovery, but over, above and beyond, including sustainable job opportunities.

85% of ACORN staff are in recovery and are personally motivated to support others to create a ‘Life Worth Living’.

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