Support from peers

We can provide a range of short, medium and long-term accommodation within established recovery communities. The support gained by those who are established in recovery helps provide a safe and secure environment for you to develop yours.

“I feel I have finally found somewhere to make a home and have friends in my life today, and that is more than I ever thought possible.”

Our move-on housing offers a secure place to continue your recovery journey while further developing your independence.

“I did all the hard work, but I’d never have got through it, if it wasn’t for the help the staff gave me.”

You can even stay in our accommodation after your treatment if you wish, as long as you participate in our recovery programmes and recovery community.

“From entering the house several months ago as an empty shell of a man, I now have hopes and dreams and I can now see a bright future ahead!”

You’ll feel proud to be self-sufficient but reassured by an abstinent community around you. In clean, comfortable surroundings, you can regain a sense of self worth and develop your skills around independence once again.