The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates the care we provide at two of our housing properties. Their recent checks show that we are meeting all the CQC national standards.


We spoke with one person who used the service and we were told: “I feel very safe here – 110%. I am very happy living here.”

People we spoke with told us they were given information and understood how their support was provided. One person told us: “All our support is planned and structured around what we need. We are always asked what we want to do.”

People who used the service spoke positively about the programme. One told us: “When I first came here, I was in a terrible state. Right now though, I am feeling great. The programme is certainly working for me.”

Another person told us: “We are kept busy seven days a week. We attend meetings and we all support each other. We are in the same situation.”

We spoke with two people who used the service and one told us: “The staff are wonderful. You could not ask for any more from them.”

Another person told us: “We get all the support we need. The staff understand us and they are there when we need them.”

Rosemary Court

We spoke with all eight people who were currently using the service. One person said: “I feel 100% supported, they have given me the right advice. It’s the best thing I have ever done.”

Another person told us: “I think it has saved my life.” A third commented: “Anytime you need to speak to staff, they are always there.”

One person said: “I feel involved at every stage of the process.”

There was evidence of good partnership working with other agencies and services.

Staff were well supported, with regular supervisions, staff meetings and informal support. Mandatory training was undertaken on induction and refreshed on a regular basis, and further training was ongoing