Beth is currently serving a three-year prison sentence. She has been involved in crime and substance misuse from a young age. She started using substances at 14 and, by age 20, progressed to intravenous heroin use. She has served three sentences, all for crimes related to substance misuse.

Beth first engaged with ACORN Recovery Projects in April 2013 in HMP Styal, when she was referred to RAMP. She engaged well and quickly became a productive member of the group, looking at her behaviours and attitudes towards recovery.

She completed a methadone detox with our support. She was transferred to HMP Drakehall in July 2013, where she continued to work on her recovery, and requested to return to HMP Styal so she could complete RAMP. Beth completed RAMP in July 2014, demonstrating a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve a better life.

Beth is now learning to co-facilitate RAMP, and has become a recovery mentor in HMP Styal. She has already taken two groups with the support of another recovery mentor, and feedback has been outstanding. She continues to support her peers, and has helped many girls get on the road to recovery.

Beth has overcome many obstacles on her journey. She has recently completed her Hep C treatment, which she found extremely hard, both physically and emotionally. She has approached every challenge with honesty, open-mindedness and willingness.

She has just been granted her ROTL (release on temporary licence), which allows her to volunteer in the community. She hopes to work with ACORN Recovery Projects while on her ROTL. She is released in October 2015 and plans to continue her work by coming into one of our treatment centres.

Beth says: “My recovery has been hard but worth it. I’m focusing on my future as I want a better life.”