Debbie began using alcohol aged 31. She had a good childhood up to the age of 10, when her alcoholic step father started abusing her until she was 19.

She worked as a nurse and, at 17, her first baby tragically died. She had another son at 19, a daughter at 21, and another at 23.

Debbie started to drink following the trauma of her cousin committing suicide. This gradually progressed to daily drinking over the following eight years, where she became verbally aggressive towards her children, resulting in them leaving home and having no contact with her.

Following the birth of her grandchildren, and the refusal of her children to allow her to be in their lives, Debbie finally sought help. She entered a four-week detox, then came to Acorn, where she completed the 20-week DEAP rehabilitation programme.

Debbie is currently 11 months clean and sober, working as a volunteer for Acorn whilst studying for a counselling diploma. Her children and grandchildren are back in her life, and she is now looking forward to her future and the opportunities that will arrive.