Edward started to abuse alcohol in his early forties, seeking relief from everyday stress and discomfort brought on by extensive work and life in general.

Having had a happy childhood and enjoyable upbringing, he became a successful businessman in South Africa and came into contact with cocaine through a lavish lifestyle. He soon found himself experimenting with crack cocaine.

As the effects of cocaine became insufficient to remove him from reality, his drinking and drug taking progressed until he was forced into bankruptcy. Following the death of his father and the breakdown of his family – losing his wife and two adopted children due to his addictions – he returned to the UK.

Over the next five years, unable to conquer his addictions, he lost his house and second wife, ending in a six week stay in a psychiatric unit following two unsuccessful detoxes.

Edward came to ACORN Recovery Projects and completed the 20-week 12 Step programme. He is currently five months clean, sober and enjoying life, and is looking forward to a brighter and happier future. He is planning to do ‘Bridging the Gap’ and wants to help others in a volunteering capacity.