Supported Accommodation

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Our supported housing offers a safe, comfortable, welcoming community where you will find not only the space to start your path to lifelong recovery, but also a supportive and compassionate community of other people who can share your experiences.

In clean, comfortable surroundings, you can start to feel valued and regain a sense of self worth.

Our supported housing communities are staffed 24 hours a day by highly skilled staff, who are in recovery themselves. This means they have a wealth of experience working with addiction and substance misuse.

Walter Lyon House

Walter Lyon House is an abstinence based supported housing project based in Lancaster.

Treatment at the 15-bed building encourages residents to get directly involved with their care and surroundings. Shared living, including cooking and cleaning, is a vital part of recovery at Walter Lyon House.

Acorn House

Acorn House provides residential abstinence based accommodation in Greater Manchester. The six-bed property provides male only support, and residents are actively supported to get as involved in their support as they can.

Resident meetings are held on a weekly basis to ensure they are given the opportunity to share their views and experiences with staff and each other.

Redwood House

Redwood House is Acorn’s Criminal Justice supported accommodation project located in Rochdale.

The project is aimed at individuals who may have spent many years trapped in a repeated cycle of offending behaviour due to their substance addiction. We want to help those that want real change from old behaviours and chaotic offending to a stable and substance free life.

Acorn will start working with these people towards the end of their sentences. They will be collected from the prison gates and be brought into a warm and welcoming environment where they will be shown care and respect. They will be given support to change their behaviours by being offered a range of interventions tailor-made for each individual.

Working with an experienced team of staff in collaboration with third party organisations, we aim for the best possible outcomes for our residents to eventually move on into independent living and above all towards A LIFE WORTH LIVING.

For referrals or queries, call the following numbers:

  • Walter House – 01524 239820
  • Acorn House – 0161 2486049
  • Redwood House – 01706 399703