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About Us

authentic peer-led recovery, using lived experience to inspire and motivate change.

We enable individuals and their families to break free from drug, alcohol and other addictions by finding, not just immediate recovery, but emotional, social, lifelong recovery.

We can understand and empathise with others in similar situations and see the person behind the illness. Our success comes from our staff, 85% of whom, at all levels within the organisation, have ‘lived experience’.

We support people throughout their recovery journey in a compassionate way, focussing on the long term solution, even beyond treatment. We have a variety of housing options available to help you on your journey of moving towards fully independent living.

We have a variety of housing options available and a dedicated team that can support and help you and your needs along the way.

Our vision

Through commitment, creativity and expertise, we will inspire and motivate change within communities and future generations by enabling individuals to achieve a Life Worth Living.

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