Customer Feedback

I was happy, grateful and overwhelmed to join the Combination Learning Programme. The atmosphere was friendly. All the participants were helpful and kind.

Our tutor Derek was brilliant, his positive influence was great, as he introduced to us the information smoothly.  He kept the teaching atmosphere warm by boardening the concepts and by giving real examples to deepen the ideas and by asking open questions and making quizzes.
I liked his style which showed a sense of humor, sincerity and care. He paid attention to every single one. He was supportive, positive and encouraging. I appreciated offering me help when I was struggling to understand some ideas. Karolin is a lovely lady who helped us in many things. She was ready to give us a hand whenever we need.

This course was useful, as it was a steady introduction to the counseling field which was absolutely unknown to me.  One of the important things l recognized is : counseling is not giving advice to the client, but it is helping the client to solve his or her difficulties. I learned more about emotional intelligence and self awareness.
My knowledge about inter personal and intra personal communication has hugely improved.

As a summary, this course was a nice introduction to the counseling field, and now I am eager to know more about counseling.

Jumana, Acorn Academy learner

As it is my one-year sober anniversary today, I wanted to say a big thank you to the team for your continued support, encouragement and warm welcome. You have all helped me grow stronger than I ever thought possible and I’ll be eternally grateful for that. Thank you again.

Maggie, Service User

I have been sober for 5 & 1/2 months and whilst my liver cirrhosis will never improve as its too advanced at least I have extended my life expectancy and, more importantly, I have a life that is now worth living, where I have a lot of friends.

Every single member of staff care passionately for the clients. They push you hard, they absolutely destroy you on a daily basis by making you confront every painful thing in your life, back to your childhood which, in the majority if cases, is what you started drinking on. They then build you back up and, in the process, you become the real you, and start to really believe in yourself.

I have had so much love and care from Acorn, and I know that I will always be part of their family, even when I’ve left rehab.

You want to know what added value is? Acorn provide the real added value, over and above other rehabs. I know this from other clients who have been in other residential rehabs that may be plusher, and none of these residential rehabs kept them sober.

Acorn are more concerned with caring for the clients than they are at promoting themselves, so I thought you should hear this from an actual client.

Donna, Service User

To all the staff at Walter Lyon House, thank you so much for all the support and help over the last six months. I feel truly lucky to have come into the house, and to have had so many caring and kind people to guide me on my journey. Thank you for helping to put me in a strong position so I can begin the next chapter of my life. I’ll miss you all, but will see you soon.

Richard, Service User

I just want to thank you and all the support workers at Acorn Recovery for the amazing and selfless work you all do. I truly do not know where me and my family would have been right now without your tireless work.

You have given my son the support, advice and strength he needs to step onto the road to recovery. All of this is amazing but, as a family at a time of crisis, we felt at a loss as to what we could do to help and we were so racked with an overwhelming mix of emotions. That is were Family Ramp stepped in.

When we first attended group in Macclesfield, my daughter and I were so nervous, not knowing what to expect. Sue and Phil immediately put us at ease and I found opening up to them surprisingly comfortable. I was able to talk frankly without feeling judged; they helped me and my daughter understand that addiction is a disease and not a choice, but people can recover.

As a mum, the support and confirmation that this was nothing I had done meant a reduction in panic attacks and stress. We as a family cannot thank Acorn enough and will never be able to. Thank you for holding us together and rebuilding our broken family.

Tracey, Family RAMP