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Posted on 12 April 2019

Eco-friendly Soap Maker Donates Products to Calico Homeless and Refuge Centres

SafeNet Domestic Abuse Support Services, Acorn Recovery Projects, Gateway, Valley Street Community Centre and various other Calico Group services in Burnley have received a generous donation from Friendly Soap.

The small business has donated over £1,000 worth of soap bars across The Calico Group. These consist of off-cuts which are created when the soap is cut into shape to be sold. Friendly Soap has offered to donate this surplus stock to the Calico Group on a regular basis.

The handmade soap bars are vegan, ethically-produced and cruelty-free, making them versatile enough for the residents who may have additional skin care needs.

Alicia Foley, Community Involvement Manager at Calico Homes said: “It can be so easy to take things for granted, such as having the right products available to meet basic hygiene needs, yet often, when people come to us, they arrive with no possessions.

“By receiving this type and volume of donation, it enables us to really help those who need it the most.”

Geoff Kerouac, co-director of Friendly Soap said: “We are passionate about being an eco-friendly company and 100 per cent committed to our ‘zero waste’ ethos.

“When a member of staff mentioned that The Calico Group run refuges, homeless and community centres across Lancashire, we knew that we could help by donating.

“What may seem like a small act for us can actually make a big difference to other people’s lives. Also, when people are experiencing difficulties in life, it’s good for them to have something nice to look forward to.”

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