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Posted on 11 April 2024

Acorn clients head to the recording studio

Clients from Acorn Recovery Projects in Burnley channeled their inner Gallaghers this week, heading over to Spirit Studios in Manchester to record their very own rendition of ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’.

Eight clients – and their volunteer music therapist, Nigel – took to the mic to record their version of the classic Oasis track, which will proudly be played at their Acorn graduation in July.

The hit song was unanimously chosen by everyone in the group to be recorded. Often sang in their music therapy sessions, it only seemed fitting to make it the soundtrack of their recovery, as all clients related to the powerful lyrics.

Music therapy for substance abuse recovery was recently introduced at Acorn, and in the short time it’s been offered, it’s grown immensely in popularity.

Music therapy uses music and the therapeutic relationship to promote connection to self and motivation to change while learning to navigate life in sobriety.

Wayne is one of eight vocalists on the track. Reflecting on his moment in the studio, he said: “It was inspirational and an amazing experience for everyone. Everybody came out laughing, having fun and took something away from the day”.

He continued: “The whole day was amazing. The staff were awesome and so welcoming. Tom the tour guide has been there 20 years and his knowledge was incredible. He knew so much about the equipment. Very informative.”

Since recording, he has been accepted onto a foundation music production degree, meaning he’ll be spending plenty more time in the studio over years to come.

Talking about his future, Wayne added: “I’m going to look forward to what the future brings with this. With the help of Acorn, changes can happen. Becoming sober and making that step into recovery has helped changed my outlook for my future.”

“It’s given me a purpose. I’m learning to live in recovery and learning how to have a purpose outside of just existing. It’s a positive out of being in recovery.”

‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ was released in 1996, reaching number one in the UK singles charts and cementing itself as a firm favourite among masses of fans from around the globe.

Wayne concluded: “I love Oasis. As a group, it was a great song to sing together. When you listen to the lyrics, it’s a great reflection of recovery.”

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