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Posted on 23 April 2019

Acorn Recovery Projects clients celebrate completing DEAP programme with graduation ceremony

Acorn Recovery Projects clients in Manchester celebrated the completion of their detox programme with a special graduation ceremony.

Family and friends were invited to Phoenix Mill in Manchester for an emotional celebration of the hard work and dedication the clients have shown in completing Acorn Recovery Project’s Dependency, Emotional, Attachment Programme (DEAP).

DEAP is available to those who have achieved abstinence – even if this is just a day – and are motivated to maintain long-term recovery.

The programme is delivered by qualified addiction counsellors and explores addiction at a personal level, supporting people to deal with unresolved issues.

During the ceremony, an emotional film produced by BadKamra, Acorn Recovery Project’s sound and vision production company, was shown, highlighting each of the graduates’ experiences with addiction and recovery.

The film features interviews with the graduates as they discuss their struggles with addiction, the impact this had on their lives and the lives of those closest to them, their determination to remain abstinent, and successful experiences with DEAP.

The event concluded with a presentation of certificates to commemorate their successful completion of their detox programme.

Acorn Recovery Projects provides a range of recovery services which enable individuals and their families to break free from drug, alcohol and other addictions.

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