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Posted on 3 August 2020

Acorn Recovery Projects Joins The Recovery Trust

We’re proud to announce that Acorn Recovery Projects have now launched their Recovery Trust profile!

The Recovery Trust works directly with, and on behalf of, trusted treatment providers, giving people direct access to the best, ethically run rehab providers – without the middlemen.

The UK marketplace for clients looking for rehab and detox services is increasingly confusing for members of the public and loved ones looking for recovery services. The internet is often the first place those in need will look. However,  this has recently been dominated by third party brokers who may charge exorbitant fees to the individual facilities for passing on referrals.

The Recovery Trust has been founded to respond to this gap in marketing provision, allowing the best, ethically run rehab providers to combine resources to access those in need cost-effectively. The platform also allows providers to share best practices and other useful resources.

Run by practitioners with decades of experience working in residential treatment, The Recovery Trust is committed to recovery in all its forms. The platform showcases the best in residential rehabilitation services for substance misuse, mental health conditions, gambling and other behavioural addictions.

We’re happy to join the Recovery Trust platform and become part of an ethical collaboration, working to make quality care more accessible for those in need.

You can now view Acorn’s Recovery Trust profile here.

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