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Posted on 15 February 2021

Knowing Depression

The symptoms of depression can bring about some drastic changes in a person’s life, daily routines, and behaviour. Often, it is these changes that make the depression worse and prevents the depressed person from getting better.

For example, a lack of motivation or lack of energy can result in a depressed person cutting back on their activities, neglecting their daily tasks and responsibilities, or leaving decision-making to others. Have you noticed these changes in yourself when you are depressed?

When your activity level decreases, you may become even less motivated and more lethargic. When you stop doing the things you used to love, you miss out on pleasant feelings and positive experiences. As a result, your depression could get worse creating a vicious cycle.

Similarly, when one begins neglecting a few tasks and responsibilities at work or at home, the list may begin to pile up. As such, when a depressed person thinks about the things they have to do, they may feel overwhelmed by the pile of things they have put off doing. This may result in them feeling guilty or thinking that they are ineffective or even a failure. This will also worsen depression.

Treating Depression

One of the main therapeutic approaches for depression is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT helps individuals realise that they can influence their mood by identifying and changing their thoughts and beliefs. When people are depressed, they often think very negative thoughts about themselves, their lives, and their future. This further worsens their mood. CBT focuses on discovering and challenging unhelpful assumptions and beliefs and developing helpful and balanced thoughts.

CBT is also structured, time-limited, and focused on the ‘here-and-now.‘ This form of treatment for depression has been proven to be effective when individuals are able to acquire the skills that are being taught in therapy.

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