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Posted on 28 January 2019

Lived experience key to providing ‘exceptionally caring service’ for those now in recovery

Our staff at Acorn Recovery are celebrating after being told that the level of care they offer is ‘Outstanding’.

Our residential rehabilitation service, Rosemary Court, in Stockport supports those recovering from substance misuse, and a recent report by the independent governing body, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), deemed the service to be ‘Good’ overall.

However it was the caring nature of our staff that received special praise, the majority of whom are also in recovery.

This ‘peer-led’ approach contributed to the level of care ‘exceeding expectations’ and allowed the clients to feel ‘truly valued and respected as individuals’.

The fact that over 80% of staff at Acorn have been through the recovery journey really allows the treatments at Acorn to see ‘the person behind the illness’.

Nicola Crompton-Hill, Director or Acorn Recovery Projects, says “This is a great achievement for the team and service, as well as recognition for the great commitment and care given daily by our dedicated staff and volunteers. Having people with an understanding and their own experiences of addiction is fundamental and will always remain as a key ethos of our organisation”.

Our residential rehabilitation is just one service in the range offered, which all have the aim of not just abstinence for their clients, but lifelong recovery.

These services include rehab within the community, supported housing for those beginning their new life, and transformational counselling, both in person and online, to help people deal with any mental health issue they may be facing.

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