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Posted on 3 June 2020

National Volunteers’ Week – Colin’s story

As we continue to celebrate National Volunteers’ Week, Colin has been in touch to share his experiences with Acorn.

My name is Colin Chapman.

I was a using drug addict for more years than l can remember. I was addicted to crack and heroin for over 25 years and walked over my family and friends to get it.

Because of my addiction, I lost everything including my self respect my confidence and nearly my life on several occasions.

I didn’t think there was a way out until I came into Acorn Recovery Projects. Over two years ago l started an intense program that involved a 12 step program of recovery. They gave me the tools to cope in any situation. And allowed me to grow through volunteering for them. I have changed so much because of what I learned through Acorn Recovery and will be forever grateful to them.

I have recently accepted a job outside of Acorn. I would not have achieved without their help and continued support.

Acorn really has given me a life worth living. Forever grateful Colin Chapman ❤❤❤

Check back tomorrow for another story from one of our incredible volunteers.

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