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Posted on 10 September 2020

Recovery Month – Janet’s Story

Throughout Recovery Month, we are sharing positive stories, helpful advice and insight from our work in addiction recovery.

Janet, one of our clients, has shared a little of her own recovery journey in the hopes that it can inspire someone to make the first steps towards positive change.

My name is Janet. I started my recovery journey with CGL at the end of April 2020.

Emma, my nurse, was assigned to me after my referral and spent 6 weeks assessing me, counselling me and getting blood results. She called me every week and was so supportive.

I took my last drink on 28th June 2020 and went into residential detox on 29th June. From then on, I had massive support and understanding from all the staff at detox. It was clean, the food was great I met some lovely people. I finally felt truly optimistic about my journey.

When I left after 7 days, I felt like a new person and looked so much better. My mind was definitely going in the right direction.

At home, I was contacted by the lovely Simon who led me to the next level of my journey. I was given the opportunity to become involved with Acorn’s D.E.A.P program, a 12-week therapy course run by the tough but fair and lovely Steve Cross.

I am about 8 weeks in. I am sober, I am happy and my relationships with family and friends have been so much better.

This is MY Time NOW! I am very positive for my future and I will stay sober (God help me).

My group is the best. I love every single person involved. We have a bond that I don’t think will ever break. I look forward to my D.E.A.P zoom meetings. We laugh, we cry, we reveal our most deep dark thoughts and relive our pasts to understand our addictions. It’s tough but so worth it!!!

Thank you so much for bringing me back.

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