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Posted on 2 June 2020

National Volunteers’ Week – Geoff’s story

As National Volunteer’s Week continues, we have another story to share from one of our previous volunteers. Today, it’s the turn of Geoff Heapy to share his experiences.

Hi, my name is Geoff Heapy.

I currently volunteer for Acorn, helping and supporting our clients coming into the supported housing service via prisons & detoxification centres.

My role is supporting them from day one which involves providing emotional support during their progression through our DEAP program. I also tie them into local authority housing registers and setting up benefit claims etc.

I am providing support to clients via telephone through the current circumstances with a view of tying them into group support as soon as this pandemic is over and we are able to deliver groups on a physical level again.

My voluntary role with Acorn gives me self-worth and self-esteem while learning all aspects of social care as this is my passion and the field I would like to have a career in.

I’m someone who came through exactly the same process and feel my empathy skills keep me on an even keel with our clients. I am learning so much about myself and the process of supporting those in recovery, which I can hopefully take forward in my career.

The staff and service manager spur me on every day to achieve and I’m fully supported within my role. I love my voluntary position!!

Check back tomorrow for another story from one of Acorn’s incredible volunteers.

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